4 Ways to Freshen Up After a Workout

It’s true that one of the most frustrating things about a morning or midday workout is freshening up afterward. You have to have things prepared, especially if you are working out right before work or even during work, such as on your lunch break. You want to feel refreshed and look refreshed, not flushed or out of breath. Below are a few fun items we recommend keeping on hand to help you quickly and easily freshen up after a workout. We’re keeping time in mind here, as we know you don’t have a lot of it! Stock up on these 4 items to help you quickly feel refreshed after your fitness routine:

1. Clinical strength or prescription deodorant:

It seems obvious, but this is imperative to keep on hand for after your workout. Many antiperspirants aren’t strong enough to help you feel clean and dry after your workout, so make sure you invest in a deodorant that will do the trick before, during and after a tough routine.

2. Dry shampoo or baby powder:

Certain brands of dry shampoo work different than others, and it’s true that brunettes struggle with using white dry shampoo because it requires a little extra blending in. Invest a dry shampoo that is scented, which also helps to make you feel (and smell) as fresh as possible. If you don’t worry about the white color of the powder or if you don’t mind taking the time to blend it in, a quick fixer-upper is baby powder. It will absorb the grease in your hair and help you smell fresh and clean.

3. Blotting sheets:

Blotting sheets, as found in the cosmetic section, will take away a bit of redness you may acquire after a workout. They will also take away any of the shininess you want to get rid of right away.

4. A bag with lots of pockets:

Sure, your gym bag is big enough to fit everything you need, but today, there are bags that aren’t bulky or massive that can keep you organized at the gym. Look for a bag that’s smaller than a carry-on with pockets designated for all kinds of small objects, such as deodorant or dry shampoo. The big space inside can be reserved for shoes, clothes or a blow dryer – you don’t want a bag where you just have to toss everything in. A bag with designated organization helps save time for when you get ready after your workout and keeps everything in place for use again the next time.