Fit Five: 90/10 or Progress Not Perfection

For anyone trying to lose fat, finding a program that works can be extremely difficult. But once you’ve found the right program, it becomes much easier to achieve your goal. The 90/10 Rule is a motto that every fitness buff in training should adhere to. With this simple program, you can easily stick to a healthy diet while still living life to the fullest.To see real results, it is important that you don’t feel like a prisoner to your meal plan. By following the 90/10 Rule, you can essentially “have your cake and eat it too.”

So how does it work? What are the benefits for you? Take a look at this simple breakdown to get a better understanding of the foolproof 90/10 Rule and start your journey to healthy weight loss today.

What Is the 90/10 Rule?

Essentially, the 90/10 Rule works like this: Stick to your meal plan 90 percent of the time, while 10 percent of the time you can eat and drink guilt free. If you eat six times a day in meals and snacks, that adds up to 42 meals per week. When you break that down into 90/10 terms, about four meals per week can be “cheat” or “choice” meals, at which you eat and drink what you like without any guilt or regrets. This means you don’t have to cancel drinks with friends on Friday night or bring your prepared meal to the birthday party next weekend. With the 90/10 Rule, the occasional indulgence is okay and even necessary for healthy fat loss.

Why It Works: The Psychology of Indulgence

At some point, everyone has been caught up in a diet that was boring, bland and probably pretty rough on your psychological health. Even the most dedicated and lean trainer would have major issues with eating the same exact thing every day for an extended period of time. But with a cheat meal added in as part of your balanced diet, you can have your indulgences occasionally because they are vital for your mental health.

Without rewards every now and then, you are more likely to abandon a healthy diet altogether or binge on unhealthy foods more often, which will make it much harder to see the results you want. Scientifically, constant dieting can lead to caloric deficits, which can send your energy levels plummeting.

So, the occasional cheat meal is perfect for keeping you on track.

Easy Tips for Sticking With the 90/10 Rule

Eat Smarter

One of the best ways to effectively stick to the 90/10 Rule is to only eat until you are full, not until you are stuffed. Instead of finishing off the last couple slices of pizza, take a few moments to remind yourself that it takes a few minutes for the stomach to signal the brain that you’re full.

Strike a Balance

Remember that the 90/10 Rule is about indulging 10 percent of the time with a cheat meal, not a cheat day. Another way to look at it is to find the right balance when it comes to the indulgent food you eat. If you absolutely love cheeseburgers, have one for your cheat meal, but pass on a huge side of fries and a shake.

Pace Yourself

Your cheat meal should be something you really enjoy. Don’t let yourself get caught up in any negative thoughts. So, instead of going wild and trying to consume everything you love all in one meal, think quality over quantity. Slow down, enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, and take the time to appreciate the little indulgences in life.