Pilates: Laurie Ann Rogers

Pilates can build lean mass. Among the numerous advantages of Pilates, you can burn fat and build strength in a safe and effective way. We asked Marie and one of her clients were asked about their experience with Courthouse Pilates.

Courthouse: Laurie Ann, hy did you initially begin taking Pilates?

Laurie Ann: I wanted a “low impact” workout, due to an injured foot & knee.

CH: What are the tangible, physical results of your time in Pilates? (ie body fat percentages, lean mass, weight, etc)

LA: Along with a clean, healthy eating, lifestyle, ideal protein & doing Pilates,  I lowered my body fat by 10.4%!  I gained 3.8 lbs of lean muscle! I lost 16.8 lbs of fat!

CH: What have been the intangible results? (ie energy, body image, confidence etc.)

LA:  My youth & energy has been rejuvenated & renewed. Hallelujah!

CH: What has been your favorite part about Pilates?

LA: Working with Marie. Gaining flexibility & muscle tone!

CH: What are you looking forward to most as you continue to participate in Pilates?

LA: Maintaining a strong, healthy, flexible, youthful body, to enjoy my sensational life, wonderful family & beautiful grandchildren. They call me GiGi and I love it. I am so incredibly blessed.

CH: Marie, where was Laurie Ann at when she started Pilates. What were her issues?


Marie Roth: Laurie Ann came into the studio looking for a long and lean body.  She expressed a desire to lose some weight and build core strength.  She had a pre-existing knee, foot and wrist injury that made other workouts she had done in the past impossible.  Pilates was challenging but also gentle enough that we could work on building muscle and core stability and strength without further injuring her joints.

CH: What did it mean to you as an Instructor to see change her body comp so drastically?

MR: I was thrilled.  What excites me the most is the gain of lean muscle…and of course losing 16.8 pounds total.  The resistance made possible through the apparatus in the studio builds lean muscle mass.  There is a misconception that you cannot build lean muscle mass through Pilates and her results blew that misconception away.

CH: What has been your favorite part about seeing Laurie Ann progress?

MR: The joy and energy she exudes is contagious.  The confidence she displays in herself and her strength is improving overall.  One of my favorite days as her trainer was when she first did hanging pull-ups on the Cadillac and said, “I liked that…let’s do it again.”

CH: What are you looking forward to as Laurie Ann continues to improve?

MR:  Continuing to build strength as well as focusing on flexibility in her hamstrings and lower back.  We are also working on strengthening around her joints, especially her knee and wrist.  I love Pilates for the balance of strength and stretch.